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Privacy Policy

Terms and conditions of use

This website is an information service provided by Zetapunto s.r.l., and its use is subject to the acceptance of terms and conditions of use hereinafter explained.

If you are not intended to accept them, please do not use this website and do not download any material from it.

Limits of use

The page contents of this website are protected from property Copyright of Zetapunto s.r.l. All rights reserved. The page contents of this website should not be, totally of partially, copied, reproduced, transferred, loaded, published or distributed in any way and form without Zetapunto s.r.l. previous consent, excepting from the possibility to save them in its own computer or print extracts of the website pages for personal use only.

Files downloaded from this website are property of Zetapunto s.r.l. and they can be used for informative purpose only. Any kind of modifications, so as modified files transfer, are strictly forbidden.

Zetapunto s.r.l. documents are controlled to avoid IT virus infections, but Zetapunto s.r.l. is not responsible for any consequence coming from downloading these files. Zetapunto s.r.l. kindly advise to use a service to prevent IT virus infections.

Personal data processing

The Owner of data processing is Zetapunto s.r.l. The user can exercise his rights according to Art. 7 of Italian Directive 196/03 referring to Zetapunto s.r.l., Via G. Gallina 2, 20129, Milano, Italy.

Collected data type

Among personal data collected by this Application, autonomously or by third parts, there are: Cookie, use data, various data type, email address, name, surname, profession.

Personal data may be voluntarily inserted by the User or automatically collected during the use of this Application.

The eventual use of Cookie – or other tracing services – by this Application or by the owners of third parts’ services used by this Application, whereas non-differently reported, has the scope to identify the User and record his preferences for purposes strictly connected to the User requested service delivery.

The User failure to provide some personal data may prevent to this Application to dispense its services.

User assumes the responsibility of third parts personal data published or shared by this Application and he guarantees to have the right to communicate or spread them, releasing the Owner from every responsibility toward third parts.

Process and location of personal data processing


The Owner manage Users personal data by adopting the suitable security measure vowed to prevent non-authorised access, spreading, modifying or destruction of personal data.

Management is made by IT instruments, with management process and logic strictly correlated to the mentioned scopes.

Apart from the Owner, in some cases, other representative involved in website organisation (administration, commercial, marketing, legal, system administrators) may have access to data, else external subjects (technical services dispenser, couriers, hosting provider, IT societies, communication agencies) which, if necessary, may be nominated Person in Charge of Processing by the Owner. The updated list of People in Charge could be requested every time to the Owner.


Data are managed in the operating sites of the Owner and in every other site in which the parts involved in processing are located. For every other information, please contact the Owner.


Data are processed for the time necessary for the providing of service requested by the User, else requested for the scopes reported in this document, and the User may request every time the interruption of processing of data or data cancellation.

Declaration of liability limitation

Zetapunto expressly dissociate from every kind of content in his own website coming from other linked websites. This explication should be considered valid for every direct or indirect link (hyperlink) contained in this website. Responsibility for this refers should be attributed to related people in charge only.

At the time of website publishing, Zetapunto was aware that no illegal contents were present in linked websites. Zetapunto does not have any responsibility or influence on future content development, so in this occasion Zetapunto expressly dissociate from every future content reported or modified after the website publication.

The registered trademark Zetapunto® and Zetapunto logo are trademark covered by Copyright and registered by Zetapunto s.r.l., they should not be used without any previous permission consent. The same principle holds for the entire content of this website, and in particular for the photos published in the website.

Any failure to comply to norms will be prosecuted according to law.

Technical data

Machine technical data are purely indicative, and they may be subjected to modification without any notice. Besides, Zetapunto owns the right to technically modify its machines and their accessories.

Every data related to the products contained in this website (use, technical data, dimensions, colour, etc.) is general and not binding. Pictures and images are not mandatory. Final products may vary.

Details on personal data processing

Personal data are collected for the following scopes and using the following services:

Contacting the user

Mailing List or Newsletter (this Application)

By registering to the mailing list or the newsletter, User email address is automatically enlisted in a list of contacts, which may receive email messages containing information about this Application, even for marketing and promotion purpose.

Personal data collected: name, surname, profession, email, Cookie, use data.

Email addresses management and messages sending 

This kind of service allows to manage a database containing email addresses, telephone numbers or any other contact details, used to communicate with the User. These services may also allow to collect data related to date and visualisation time of messages by the User, so as how the User interact with them, such as the quantity and type of link clicking within the message.

MailChimp (The Rocket Science Group, LLC.)
MailChimp is an address management and email message dispatcher service provided by The Rocket Science Group, LLC.

Personal data collected; email addresses.

Managing site: USA - Privacy Policy

Social network and other external platforms interaction

This kind of services allow to interact with social networks, or other external platforms, directly from the Application webpages. Interactions and information collected by this Application are in any case subjected to the User privacy settings related to each social network. In the case of a social network interaction service is installed, it is possible that this one collects traffic data related to the webpages in which it is installed, even if Users do not use the service.

LinkedIn button and social widget (LinkedIn Corporation)

LinkedIn button and social widget are interactions with LinkedIn social network, and they are provided by LinkedIn Corporation.

Personal data collected: Cookie and use data.

Managing site: USA - Privacy Policy

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses personal data collected with the purpose of tracing and analysing the use of the Application, generating reports and sharing them with the other services developed by Google.

Google may use personal data to contextualize and customize marketing announces of its network.

Personal data collected: Cookie and use data.

Managing site: USA - Privacy Policy Opt Out

YouTube Video widget (Google Inc.)

YouTube is a video content visualization video provided by Google Inc. which allows this Application to integrate this kind of contents inside its webpages.

Personal data collected: Cookie and use data.

Managing site: USA - Privacy Policy

More information on personal data management

Defence before the court
User personal data can be used as defence by the Owner, before the court or in the preliminary phases of its eventual establishment, from any abuse committed in the use of the Application or the connected services by the User. The user declares to be acknowledged that the Owner may reveal the data on request of public authorities.

Specific reports

Based on User request, in addition to the information contained in this document, the Application may provide the User additional reports related to specific services, collection or management of personal data.

System log and maintenance

Because of service and maintenance requests, the Application and the eventual third parts services may collect system log file, which are files recording website interactions and which may contain also personal data such as User IP address.

Information non-included in this policy

More information regarding personal data processing can be requested at any time to the Owner of processing using contact information.

User exercising rights

The subjects to whom personal data are referring have the right in any time to obtain the confirm about data existence at the Owner of processing, to know content and origin, to verify the consistency or to demand integration, cancellation, updating, correction, anonymous transformation or block of personal data processed by violating laws, nevertheless to oppose in any case, for licit reasons, to data processing. Requests should be sent to the Owner of processing. This Application does not support ‘Do Not Track’ request. To know if third parts services are supporting them, please refer to their privacy policy.

Privacy policy modification

The Owner of processing reserves the right to modify this privacy policy in any moment giving knowledge to the Users on this webpage. Please refer often to this page, taking as reference the last modification date at page bottom. In case of no acceptance to the privacy policy modification, the User can stop the use of the Application and can ask to the Owner of processing to remove its personal data. Unless differently specified, the previous privacy policy still applies to data collected by that time.

Information on this privacy policy

The Owner of data processing is responsible for this privacy policy, written starting from the standard Iubenda modules and stored on its servers.

Legal definitions and references

Personal data (or data)

A personal data is considered as whatever information referring to a physical person, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, by referring to whatever other information, including a personal identification number.

Use data

These are the information collected automatically by this Application (or by third parts application used by this Application), among which: IP addresses or the domain name of computer used by the User connecting to this Application,  addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation, request time, the method used to submit the request to the server, the file dimension obtained as a response, the numerical code reporting the server response status (ok, error, etc.), the Country of origin, User’s browser and operating system characteristics, several timing information on the visit (e.g. time of staying on a single page) and details on the path followed inside the Application, concerning particularly to page visited sequence.


The person using this Application, he should coincide with the interested person o should be authorized by this one, and whose personal data are object of the processing.

Interested person

The physical o legal person whose personal data refer to.

Person in Charge of processing (or Person in Charge)

The physical, legal person, the public administration or whatever other authority, association or entity designated by the Owner for processing personal data, according to this privacy policy.

Owner of processing (or Owner)

The physical, legal person, the public administration or whatever other authority, association or entity who is in charge, also with other owners, of deciding about scopes and way of personal data processing and instruments used related to the functioning and making use of this Application, including also the security profile. Unless differently specified, the Owner of processing is the owner of this Application.

This Application 

The hardware or software instrument which collects Users personal data.


Small data portion stored inside the User’s device.

Legal references

Note for European users: this privacy policy has been written according to what prescribed by Art.10 of Directive n.95/46/CE, nevertheless to what prescribed by Directive 2002/58/CE, updated in Directive 2009/136/CE, related to Cookie.

This privacy policy is related to this Application only.

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